An introduction

We are journeyers, artists, and marketers who help brands tell their story through a strategic approach and inspiring content.

We love managing successful social media campaigns and telling fascinating stories that bring forth a brand’s personality.

Wigwam is a digital marketing agency specialising in creative content, branding, social media (especially Instagram), influencer marketing, and SEO. By bringing photographers, filmmakers, brands and influencers together, we spin remarkable and engaging content that makes a lasting impact.


Through snow and sunshine, mossy bogs and Scottish storms, we bravely traverse changing landscapes both in nature and in our work. We look where no one has looked before. We see the deeper layers of the dynamic world within each place, person and brand.


Extraordinary experiences shape us. In turn, we shape extraordinary content. We share an orbit with like-minded creatives who leave everything they touch teeming with voice and vibrations.

For us, work is another adventure: an opportunity to forge connections and draw up maps. That’s how we empower brands to be trailblazing innovators.


Wigwam strives to reflect the vital forces that make up the world around us. The life of your brand should be perennial - adaptable to seasons and capable of new growth.

Our work nurtures these processes with messages of sustainability, conservation and community. These values will be our legacy as businesspeople, and as global citizens.