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This week, we are going to share some of our favourite books we are currently reading that call our office their home. From marketing experts to wanderlust landscapes, they cover all things a businesses needs and wants to hear going forward.

1. One + One = Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking by Dave Trott

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If you ever need a pick me up for your business or in your personal ambitions, this book is for you. From writing your own Oscar nominated film, being the next Sir Alex Ferguson or just increasing your daily activity and improving your mental state, this book will help in all sorts of ways – we always use it in the Wigwam office if we need to up our creative thinking for the next task.

2. Wild Guide, Scotland – Kimberley Grant, David Cooper & Richard Gaston

Wigwam Books 2

Ever wanted to go to Scotland but really wished you knew more about the specific area you are going? Welcome to the new encyclopaedia of hidden places and beautiful landscapes on offer in our small country. With loads of photography and tops tips for off the beaten track vistas, this book has all the islands covered as well as the mainland – a great guide to your adventure in Scotland!

3. Business for Punks – James Watt (co-founder of BrewDog)

Wigwam Books 3

BrewDog, one the world’s fastest-growing drinks brands, is one of the Scottish businesses that made the leap abroad, with huge success. In this book, you get the insight from one of the co-owners into how that was done, as well as really useful information on how to improve your businesses finances and marketing amongst other things. Well worth a read for new companies.

4. The 10X Rule – Grant Cardone

Wigwam Books 5

Struggling to get in the right mindset to make you reach your goals in business and in life? ‘The 10X Rule’ is a great book to set and reach goals, use fear as a fuel for motivation and to put you in the frame of mind to make success really happen. If you’re needing a pick me up in business, this has been very useful for us at Wigwam to change our mentality.

5. Let My People Go Surfing – Yvon Chouinard (Founder & Owner of Patagonia)

Wigwam Books 4

One of our favourite brands, Patagonia, has shown the way in recent years of how any business should be respectful and environmentally responsive to the natural world we live in. It’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, shares his stories of how the company grew, the challenges they faced and why he felt the need to change the culture of global consumption. A must read for entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts.

Let us know your favourite books in the office or at home right now or if you’ve read any of the above!