The Wigwam team headed up north in June with their good friend Hamish to the Glencoe and Glen Etive area of the Scottish highlands for a weekend of camping. The forecast was pessimistic to say the least but we ventured up and to our surprise, it was calm at our first stop, Kilchurn Castle and also sunshine appeared for our lunch break in Oban. After a decent fish and chips, we headed south to our campsite for the night in James Bond territory at Glen Etive.

As you can see, the weather gods changed dramatically and torrential rain ensued for most of the night, but there were a few breaks in the weather leading to some dramatic scenery for us to capture.

After getting soaked, we woke up and drove further into the valley finding some local friends and some nice vantage points.

The landscapes in Glen Etive are drastic and unforgiving. It really gives you a sense of how big the world is when you take a photograph and see a person enveloped by a mountain in the background, quite humbling for us really.

We then swiftly headed back south with even more rain incoming, leading to a shorter trip than planned. Scottish weather really determines how long and what you can do most times! All the while, it was a fun trip with some nice views and fresh air!