With Instagram finding new ways to make money from this social media phenomenon, it has become much more tricky for businesses and individuals to increase their follower number on the platform. In this blog post, we will explain some very simple processes and tricks you can use for a company or on your own feed to reach more people and ultimately have more success on the app.


Using relevant hashtags for the content you have created is crucial in reaching new users who are looking for pictures and videos relating to those words. Be specific though, using #dog or #love has so over 1 million posts, so your image will never be found: do some homework on what hashtags are right for your post and this will ultimately make your work reach people who are actually interested in your work. At Wigwam, we have a specific hashtag that people can use to interact with us as a brand and possible get featured on our feed.

Instagram Hashtags


To be able to stand out and really get noticed by existing followers and to reach new ones, you have to post consistently, both in terms of actual content and timing. Having a certain theme to your work, like Johannes’ landscape feed below, will make people aware of what content they should expect next and what type of message they want to convey.

Consistent Instagram Feed

The style of editing, colour palette and style of shot (landscape, cityscape, portraits) all play a big factor in this. Uploading this work at similar times (4-5 times a week at 6pm) will also help your fans know when you are more likely to post and when they will see your work.

Videos and Instagram Stories

The 2017 update of Instagram Stories has created a new channel inside Instagram from which you promote your work and what the business is up to on a much more personal level. Over 300 million people use stories each day, so it’s one of the more popular ways to interact with your followers outside of your feed within the platform. Take advantage of the space and update your followers with new information, behind the scenes videos or promote links to your websites and external work too.

 Instagram Stories

Using videos as well as photos are a great way to increase engagement, as the user has to spend more time watching your video, therefore showing the algorithm that this person is interested in your work. This will make it more likely they will see your posts on their feed in the future.

Engage with your audience

Showing some love to your fans will ultimately make them appreciate you and your work more, rather than just being an image they see a few times a week. Reply to comments and respond to those direct messages: this will increase your chances of reaching more people, as the algorithm will realise how much effort and care you are taking with your followers and boost your profile.


Instagram adverts have now become the norm on the platform, whether they are in influencers’ posts or brands when you are scrolling down your feed. This is an easy way to reach your targeted audience, but much more expensive than the strategies mentioned above.

Instagram Adverts

Cross Promotion

Getting free mentions from other liked minded pages or having multiple pages that you can then cross promote is a great way to increase your audience base. The 8 strong team at the Highland Collective cross promote their own feeds to their 100k audience on a regular basis, as well as promoting similar feeds they like.

Cross Promotion