We get asked a lot by consumers and brands if post production really adds any value to the overall effectiveness of our work: we answer those questions with an emphatic yes!

In this short blog post, we will prove just how useful these techniques are in creating the polished article that customers and clients are happy with and just how much of a difference can be made using simple editing tools.


The video below, a feature film called ‘The House on Pine Street’,  effectively shows the differences that colour grading can create in terms of ambience and feelings. The results of editing this piece in a particular way impact the viewers’ overall view of the video and can make a certain scene bright and happy, spooky or sad depending on the colour and lighting. It also shows the production value of creative editors, who can manipulate a scene to portray a certain mood very quickly.

Being able to influence these decisions in the viewers’ mind is key for them to have a greater connection with the characters, the scene and in essence the whole film.



Create your own style

Being able to edit photos and videos to the specific tone, preset or feel you want to present to your audience is very important in making your work unique. Producing your own brand identity is crucial in distinguishing your work from your competitors and it also gives consumers a style that they can relate to. If you consistently produce work with the same ambience and approach, people will recognise your intentions and understand what the brand is trying to achieve with their end product.

Below are two identical pictures of a highland cow in the Scottish highlands – the only difference is that one has been post-edited and one hasn’t. The first picture is lacking colour and doesn’t give the audience a real feel for the conditions and harsh landscape.

Ali Horne photo cow 1
Before Editing

Wheres the edited picture below with its blue hues immediately tells the viewer how relentless and cold the landscape is and they understand how difficult it must be for these cows to live in such conditions. The added saturation also makes the cow and the surrounding views stand out more more clearly than the original.

After Editing – Photos by Ali Horne

As shown above in both the video and the photos, you can completely change and influence the feelings associated with visual marketing easily and effectively. Many companies are unaware of how simple this editing process can be and that they can create a strong brand meaning and identity that customers like, at the touch of a few buttons.