Social Media Marketing

Instagram Management

Why do some brands get a few likes and others get thousands? You need to know your audience and what they stand for.

We're here to help you create engaging and inspiring campaigns that echo your message. We especially focus on visual content and Social Media Marketing.

Influencer Marketing

How do you reach your target audience for your next social media campaign? Easy: turn your influential brand ambassadors into the channel from which your message is conveyed.

This authentic form of advertising outperforms disguised content and is a key marketing tactic used by brands to target their online community.

Brand Development

Web Development

We develop beautiful, interactive, SEO-friendly websites that convert visitors to leads. Whether it's just an update or designing a completely new site, Wigwam is here to help.

Creative Content

Whether it is a short promo film, an infographic, animation or beautiful imagery - we've got some of Scotland's most creative and talented individuals ready to craft for digital and beyond.

Search Marketing


With over twenty years of combined experience, we have helped brands reach the top even with highly competitive keywords.

We combine the technical know-how with amazing content that gains links and exposure naturally, boosting your website traffic and revenue.

PPC (Pay per click)

You would be surprised by how much money companies waste online. We can help create and manage online advertising campaigns, whilst minimising costs and maximising profits.